Phase 1 - HCO & Commissioning

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CIS Jobs Leading to HCO & Commissioning (Jan 1 - Apr 30)

15 deg dipole (Scott)
  • (Scott working with CAD/DCG) Update drawings and document
Laser jobs (Shukui/Scott)
  • (Shaun...) Complete outrigger box, install, test with laser room shutter
  • (Shukui) Update LSOP
  • (Shukui/Amali) Install/align Pockels cell
  • (Shukui) Re-install Hall B amp in permanent location
  • (Scott) Complete macropulse chassis upgrade, test all beam modes
Gun HVPS jobs (Carlos/Bubba/Scott)
  • (Tony/Carlos) Drop/pull HV cables from HV switcher outputs to Wiens
  • (Riad) InjSteer screens check/test with Gary and Michelle updates with HVPS and new PS epics values, tested, ready
  • (Carlos wrap up with engineering) drawings, document
Ion Pump Power Supplies media:210209_ion pump names.xlsx
  • (Scott) Re-install (2) HV patch boxes, update box labels, pull HV drop cables to patch boxes, updated labels
  • (Scott) Update screens, labels, drawings, document
  • (Marcy/Phil) A1/A2 : Install, leak check, bake, leak check
  • (Marcy/Phil) Wien : Install, leak check, bake, leak check
  • (Marcy) Add extractor gauge to y chamber port
  • (Marcy) Fab cable for Y-NEG activation
  • (Marcy/Phil) Activate DP can downstream FC#1
  • (Marcy) Set final IP voltages (no FE'ers)
  • (Joe test by 3/12) see if cathode activates in prep chamber. If not, bake (No water in RGA scan)
  • (Scott) HCO UHV vacuum fault
  • (Scott) Update drawings, labels, document
Air, GN2, LCW
  • (Phil/Bubba) Fabricate, install air manifold w/ cutoff for (8) viewers, (2) valves, (2) spares
  • (Ricky to fasten) Fasten LCW to pedestals
Crash inhibit
  • (Tony/Phil) Install, test crash inhibit for pcup and viewer (note - fail safe test, i.e. do NOT hook up air to BOTH devices)
  • (Tony/Phil) Install, test crash inhibit for harp and viewer (note - does this exist, would speak to I&C early on)
Apertures & PCup
  • (Scott after bake) Terminate A1 cable, drive motor, test shoulder bolt
  • (Phil) Put new scribed aperture stops in bag in tunnel
  • (Pete/Phil) Attach current monitoring w/ inline I&C protection boxes
  • (Pete/Phil) Reconnect LCW, I&C check flow meters clear interlock
Electrician jobs
  • (Electricians/Scott) Bond girders
  • (Scott working on this) Install cable tray on girders
  • (Scott) Install/cable 1 chassis, (5) for Carlos, (5) for Joe

I&C/Software Jobs Leading to HCO & Commissioning (Apr 5 - Apr 30)

I&C Jobs
  • What to expect in tunnel?
    • Similar mechanical layout => Gun + 3 girders (Y + Wien + A1/A2)
    • There is now a 3D CAD model from gun to chopper, I can share pics or see Gary Hays or Shaun Gregory
    • Similar utilities => LCW (A1/A2) + Air (Bubba/Phil) + Cable tray (above/below) + 3 cable drops (Y, Laser, Chopper)

* BPMs = Pete estimates 1 person x 5 days for all of the BPM hook-up and pre-beam checkout jobs

    • 10 total - all unrotated
    • 3 new style => NEG coated large bore (2.5" ID); mapped by Musson (Kx/Ky values available)
    • 7 old style => 5.5" long end tapped
  • Viewers
    • 8 total - all chromox except ITV0I02 (YAG)
    • Crash inhibit #1 : ITV0I01 and Polarized Cup IFY0I01
    • Crash inhibit #2 : ITV0I02 and Harp IHA0I02
  • Harps
    • 1 total - IHA0I02 (YAG), on same cross as viewer ITV0I02 (requires crash inhibit)
  • Wien HV
    • Tony status update

* Current Monitoring - Pete estimates 1 person x 3 days for ItoV, Picoammeters, Gun FSD LCW waterflow interlocks)

    • 3 total - same as before (PCUP, A1, A2)
    • PCUP identical as before, just a new location
    • A1 current monitoring as before, linear bellow motion now has STAC5 motor (so remote or manual; has 3 stop positions
    • A2 current monitoring as before, linear bellows manual as before; has 3 stop positions. Used by PSS group for kicker
  • Valves
    • 3 total - all have in-line EPICS shut over ride capability (CIS installs this box)
    • Gun valve - VBV2I01A (new name), otherwise same all metal gate valve
    • Beam line valve - VBV1I07 (same name), same all metal gate valve
    • Beam line valve - VBV0I02 (same name), but now all metal gate valve, requires cable terminations like VBV1I07
    • All 3 valves tied to UHV vacuum fault (100 uA limit)
Software Jobs
  • CED
    • Michele or Gary can gives us an update
  • Apps
    • Injector steering script getting upgrades for Wien/Solenoid controls, also needs update of correctors/bpms
    • Any script that refers to CED elements from Gun to Chopper will need name review, sounds like a big job
  • Screens
    • I guess many screens auto-updated from CED, that's great
    • Like with apps, will need name review; I guess system owners look at their own screens for oddities?
  • What else for software?

Magnet/DC-Power/Software Jobs Leading to HCO & Commissioning (Apr 5 - Apr 30)

DC/Magnet Jobs
Software Jobs
  • CED
  • Apps
  • Screens
  • What else for software?
Other magnet jobs
  • (JM) Complete magnet table I circulated
  • (JM/LL) Initial QW measurement and assessment (sufficient for CED), summarized for Gary
  • (RS/GC) FG solenoid special hysteresis for Gary
  • (RS/MJ) Magnet info for Inj Steer spin calculations
  • (JM/JG) Decision on spare DR fabrication and alignment
  • (LL/JK/JM) PSS kicker - does MMF have any responsibility here, maybe just PSS?
  • (LL/JM) Second QW measurement, what's the scope here?
  • (JM) When is the rotating coil stand ready?
  • (JM/LL) Reconciling MHD discrepancy
  • (LL) Report on QW
  • (LL) Report on HD
  • (LL) Report on PSS kicker

Beam Commissioning (May 3 - Jul 2)

Important Dates

updated 3/1/21

  • Injector HCO/SR Complete: 5/3
  • NL/Inj -> Stable 2K: 5/21
  • Full CEBAF PSS Certification: 5/24 - 6/11
  • End of SAD: 7/2
  • Resumption of Physics: Mid-August


updated 3/1/21

Commissioning testplans Rev2.png

ATLis Testplans

updated 3/1/21