UITF Meeting - March 18, 2016

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Evaluate the UITF design with respect to beam requirements for HDIce.

1. Can UITF deliver the beam HDIce needs?
2. Are there sufficient diagnostic devices to aid in beam delivery?
3. What devices or processes ensure the low-current beam is at the intended place on target?
4. What measures are planned to protect the HDIce target from > nA beam for any length of  time (msecs)?

Advance Material

*UITF Description _ see Agenda below
*HDIce Beam Requirements media:HDIce beam requirements at UITF.pdf
*UITF mechanical layout  [1]
*UITF Optics Elegant layout releases here
*New quarter CM calculation from Haipeng media:Haipeng's calculations for new quarter CM.pdf
*UITF schedule media:updated UITF schedule 3_6_2016.docx
*UITF parts list media:UITF component count.xls and UITF Element Database here
*John Musson's ideas on improving stripline BPM sensitivity  media:injection locking paper 1.pdf  media:injection locking paper 2.pdf  media:injection locking paper 3.pdf


9:30 (15 + 5) UITF Overview and timeline (M. Poelker) media:UITF overview v2.pptx

9:50 (20 + 5) HDIce description (C. Hanretty) media:Charles_Hanretty_HDice_overview.pdf

10:15 (25 + 5) Mechanical Layout of the entire beamline, Diagnostic devices, beam dumps, spectrometers (J. Grames) media:160317_UITF_OpsReview_Grames.pptx (view animated mode)

10:45 (15 + 5) UITF Optics - keV and MeV beam-lines (A. Bogacz) media:UITF_OpsReview_Bogacz.pptx

11:05 (15 + 5) UITF Gun through 2-7 Quarter Optimization (A. Hofler) media:UITF_OpsReview_Hofler2.pptx

11:20 (10 + 5) High Voltage and Laser Systems (J. Hansknecht)media:Hansknecht overview of gun HV and laser.pptx

11:40 (10 + 5) Machine protection (M. Poelker) media:UITF MPS.pptx

11:55 Discussion (all) media:UITF concerns.pptx

Reviewer Summary and Recommendations