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QJLdFW.png Overview.jpg

The NPS calorimeter will be enclosed in a light-tight and temperature controlled box:


Voltage divider

NPS Voltage divider NPS Voltage divider

  • Pictures of the assembly:

NPS Voltage divider NPS Voltage divider NPS Voltage divider

Custom cable from voltage divider to PCB boards

This cable carries the HV to the PMT divder and reads the anode signal. The cable has a female SAMTEC 5-pin connector IPD1-05-S-K on one side, with 4 crimp contacts CC79L-2630-01-L. On the other side the cable has a SMA RS PRO 546-3210 connector [Datasheet, Crimp instructions] (signal) and a Fischer connector S 102 A 018 (HV). Both the HV and the anode cables are coaxial RG174/U (datasheet). The cable length is 375 mm.

NPS cable

PCB boards (one per detector column)

The HV and the anode signals of each column of the detector is routed through a PCB board. This boards also holds one LED per channel.

GoWTJr.png PIN0ca.jpg 07 Test Câble Carte.jpg

HV cables

The PCBs are connected to a HV panel at the top of the NPS box through 20-AWG cables. Three cables per detector column: 2 cables have SAMTEC PMSD-15-206-K-15.40-D-LUS connectors and 1 cable has PMSD-08-206-K-15.40-D-LUS connectors

Notice that 20 AWG = 7.2 A, and our currents are of the order of micro-Amps.


LED control cables

Ribbon cables with SAMTEC connectors HCSD-36-01-N on each side:


Anode signal cables

  • Signal come out at the back of the PCB boards.
  • There are KX3 cables with a SMA connector RS PRO 546-3210 on one side and a panel-mount LEMO PES.00.250.NTME31 on the other side
  • The length of each cable depends on the row of the detector (longer cables for channels at the bottom).
  • The LEMO connectors are mounted at the top of the NPS box (see LEMO panel below)
  • Cable schematics

Patch panels at the top of the NPS box

There are 3 panels on the top of the NPS box:

NPS frame connector layout.jpg

Signal panel (LEMO)

This is not patch panel per se, but a simple panel with holes where the LEMOSof the anode cables are mounted on.

HV panel

The board is made of two 15-pin SAMTEC IPBT-115-H1-T-D-K and one 8-pin SAMTEC IPBT-108-H1-T-D-K for each detector column (associated with one PCB board)

20190711 104413.jpg

LED panel

Made of 2x36-pin SAMTEC connectors TST-136-01-L-D (one per detector column, i.e. a total of 30)

Tests performed on boards and cables