Meeting 13 February 2018

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FLUKA Simulations for absolute baseline (Parker Reid)

Target rotation and irradiation (Bogdan)


* Action items for next meeting on Tuesday, 13 March at 3:00pm (EST):

  • Result for backward shielding and optimization of shielding overall (Parker/Bogdan)
  • Result for effect of polarized target and CPS together (Jixie)
  • Outline for a 10-page document (topics/chapters/arguments to make and type of figures) and for a 1-page appendix (what would change in Hall D, e.g. floor loading etc., demonstration that the concept is doable) (Tanja/Thia)

  • Discussion of Parker's simulation
  • In principle can use this way to determine backward shielding needs and perform overall shielding optimization: remove everything, but keep radiator, no field, so exactly what would have in hall - compare backward rate for 100uA on 2% carbon to CPS

  • Discussion of what information still needed for review document
  • Effect of both polarized target and CPS in Hall - Jixie's simulation has shown radiation from polarized target and CPS separately and these look ok, now need to see both together
  • Backward shielding
  • Optimization of shielding: why choice of specific shielding and what thickness

  • Discussion about contents of the review document
  • Selection of figures and text that demonstrate: 1) radiation acceptable 2) design feasible

  • Discussion about an alternative polarized target moving concept that moves the beam (horizontally) instead of a mechanical structure (target stick vertical motion) for uniform irradiation