Meeting 4 December 2020

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  • Simulations - parameterization of power deposition
  • Shielding and magnet model - check of numbers of modules and analysis of radiation hard coil model
  • Hall A/C model and design/implementation - thermal model development etc.
  • Hall D design and radiation simulations
  • Other

PARTICIPANTS: Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Hovanes Egiyan, Josh Crafts, Marie Boer, Steven Lassiter, Vardan Tadevosyan, Tanja Horn, Rolf Ent, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Igor Strakovsky


  • Units: US tons
  • currently 2109 W blocks (2" x 2" x 4")
  • low by factor of two in volume compared to previous estimate
  • Total weight ~43 tons (no magnet, no support structure) with ~31 tons of lead and ~10 tons of tungsten powder and ~2 tons of poly sheets
  • consistent with previous estimate of <50 tons
  • should be ok for Hall C - HallC crane is 20 tons, but another crane can be brought in to move shielding
  • side shielding
  • Unistrut probably not good enough
  • investigating other solutions
  • exterior beam pipe dimensions 4"x4" tube
  • eventual topics to consider: air, vacuum, etc.
  • survey and alignment - transfer fiducials from inside to outside, location of magnet
  • e.g. three (minimum) to four pillar platform for magnet
  • magnet should be independent of shielding material
  • post from bottom to magnet - radiation impact (W pole?), pole can't support weight
  • to deal with weight on top need another shelf on top of magnet to transfer weight
  • Actions:
  • slice into individual segments for layout
  • factor of two less of tungsten currently - need to check
  • design team needs to look now at details, e.g. full box, side loads, penetrations, etc.


  • Large table being developed for power deposition
  • divide volume of absorber into 5cm elements and in and y in 0.5mm
  • element, energy deposition in kWatt/cm3
  • Method of applying heat load - grid
  • seems ok, but need to analyze carefully since structure has many features
  • Action:
  • need to check units in table and work on format

THERMAL MODELING (Steven, for Amy)

  • Good progress with modeling
  • Resolved modeling issues and issues with temperature and energy convergence at high temperatures
  • Temperature seems close to original estimate
  • Action:
  • check model with known solution
  • continue with model optimization

HALL D Status (Hovanes)

  • Working on radiation simulation
  • Action: Power depositions - plots post, table
  • discussion of alignment of electron beam
  • need instrumentation upstream - beam line girder to monitor beam