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Present Roster of UGBoD members

  1. Officers
    1. Chair: Sebastian Kuhn (Old Dominion University)
    2. Chair-elect: John Arrington (
    3. Secretary/Treasurer: Lorelei Carlson (Jefferson Lab)
  2. At-large members
    1. Annalisa D'Angelo: Quality of Life
    2. Mark Ito (Jefferson Lab): Computing
    3. Eugene Pasyuk (Jefferson Lab): User/JLab interaction (12 GeV construction, PAC, data analysis)
    4. Kent Paschke (University of Virginia): Outreach
    5. Eric Voutier: Foreign Visitors
  3. Members representing specific constituencies:
    1. Anatoly Radyushkin (Old Dominion University/Jefferson Lab): Experiment/Theory Liaison
    2. Katherine Myers: Postdocs
    3. Natalie Walford: Graduate Students

UGBoD Meetings

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