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The current Board of Directors includes the individuals listed below.

Position Name/Email Institution Area of Responsibility
Chair Julie Roche
Ohio University
740-593-1982 (Ohio University)
Chair-Elect William Brooks
University of Santa Maria
757-383-8526 (USM)
Vice-Chair Kent Paschke
University of Virginia
757-924-4543 (UVA)
Past-Chair Krishna Kumar
Stony Brook University
631-632-8119 (SBU)
Director Carlos Munoz Camacho
Institut de Physique Nucléaire Orsay

+33 1 69 15 51 12 (IPNO)

Foreign Visitors
Director Ian Cloët
Argonne National Lab
630-252-4093 (ANL)
Experiment/Theory Liaison
Director Lamiaa El-Fassi
Mississippi State University
662-325-0627 (MSU)
Director Or Hen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
617-258-0541 (MIT)
Director Yordanka Ilieva
University of South Carolina
803-777-2887 (USC)
User/Lab Interaction
Director Eric Pooser
Jefferson Lab
757-269-7216 (Jefferson Lab)
Director Torri Roark
Old Dominion University
317-550-9226 (ODU)
Graduate Students
Director Brad Sawatzky
Jefferson Lab
757-269-5947 (Jefferson Lab)
Quality of Life
Lorelei Carlson
Jefferson Lab
757-269-6388 (JLab)

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