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Project Links

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Weekly Meetings


Date Journal Title
2023-03-05 arXiv Hydra: Computer Vision for Data Quality Monitoring
2021-08-21 EPJ Web Conference AI Data Quality Monitoring with Hydra


Date Event Presenter Slides
2024-02-22 GlueX Collab. Meeting Torri Jeske pdf
2023-05-09 CHEP 2023 Torri Jeske ppt
2023-03-10 CLAS CalCom Meeting Torri Jeske PDF
2022-11-01 CLAS Collaboration Meeting Thomas Britton teams file
2022-10-24 ACAT 2022 Thomas Britton PDF (meant for cell phone viewing)
2021-10-07 IOP seminar Thomas Britton google
2021-09-15 TAPIA 2021 David Lawrence google
2021-09-09 AI4EIC workshop Kishansingh Rajput event page pdf
2021-07-26 JLab A.I. Town Hall 2021 Thomas Britton google
2021-05-18 vCHEP 2021 Thomas Britton google,proceedings
2020-08-28 JLab A.I. Town Hall 2020 David Lawrence google
2020-08-04 CNNs for DQM Thomas Britton google
2020-06-24 NERSC meeting Thomas Britton google
2020-03-24 CMU AI Seminar Thomas Britton google
2020-01-10 ODU collaboration brainstorm Thomas Britton google
2019-10-05 GlueX Collaboration meeting Thomas Britton google