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Welcome to the EPSCI Wiki!
(Experimental Physics Software and Computing Infrastructure)

Mission Statement:
Identity, develop, implement, and maintain software and computing technologies in support of the Jefferson Lab Science Program.

Projects Publications Meetings

Legacy Projects

vCHEP2020 - AI Enabled Data Quality Monitoring with Hydra
vCHEP2020 - HOSS!
vCHEP2020 - Streaming Readout of the CLAS12 Forward Tagger Using TriDAS and JANA2
CHEP2019 - Automated and Distributed Monte Carlo Generation for GlueX
CHEP2019 - JANA2 Framework for Event Based and Triggerless Data Processing
CHEP2019 - ML Track Fitting in Nuclear Physics
CHEP2019 - Offsite Data Processing for the GlueX Experiment
CHEP2019 - Heterogeneous data-processing optimization with CLARA’s adaptive workflow orchestrator


  • CLAS12 Software Meeting
  • GlueX Software Meeting
EPSCI publications page /---/ Fortnight Papers


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