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Welcome to the EJFAT Wiki

(ESnet / JLaB FPGA Accelerated Transport)

System Overview:

EJFAT is a collaboration between Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) and Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory (JLab) for proof of concept engineering to program a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for network data routing of commonly tagged UDP packets from any data source to individual and configurable destination endpoints in an end-point compute work load balanced manner, including some additional tagging for stream reassembly at the endpoint. The primary purpose of this FPGA based acceleration is to load balance work to destination compute farm endpoints with low latency and full line rate bandwidth of 100 Gbs with feedback from the destination compute farm.

EJFAT System Status


  1. 200Gbps NIC: ejfat-1-daq
  2. 10Gbps NIC: ejfat-1
  3. U280 FPGA: ejfat-1-dp
  4. Test moving a current LB install wholesale by moving files/containers
  5. IT Account Setup


  1. 200Gbps NIC: ejfat-2-daq
  2. 10Gbps NIC: ejfat-2
  3. U280 FPGA: ejfat-2-dp
  4. LB: DP latest prod FW, CP Main branch Jan 4 Rev, CP/FW upgrades pending
  5. IOMMU enabled


  1. 200Gbps NIC: ejfat-3-daq
  2. 10Gbps NIC: ejfat-3
  3. U280 FPGA: ejfat-3-dp
  4. Ready to accept second FPGA - needs addition PCIe riser


  1. 200Gbps NIC: ejfat-4-daq
  2. 10Gbps NIC: ejfat-4
  3. U280 FPGA: ejfat-4-dp
  4. XDP experiments


  1. 200Gbps NIC: ejfat-5-daq
  2. 10Gbps NIC: ejfat-5
  3. U280 FPGA: ejfat-5-dp
  4. LB: DP latest prod FW, CP Dev branch April 11 Rev (Latest)


  1. 200Gbps NIC: ejfat-6-daq
  2. 10Gbps NIC: ejfat-6
  3. U280 FPGA: ejfat-6-dp
  4. DAOS experiments
  5. IOMMU enabled


  1. 200Gbps NIC: ejfat-fs-daq
  2. 10Gbps NIC: ejfat-fs
  3. U280 FPGA: ejfat-fs-dp
  4. Hosts NVME memory/disk


date presenter Event links
2021-03-01 G. Heyes EJFAT Proposal Word
2021-10-21 M. S. Goodrich Div Brief PDF
2021-11-05 M. S. Goodrich Canisius College PDF
2021-12-03 S. Sheldon ESnet LB Tutorial MP4
2021-12-10 Y. Kumar SRO iX Presentation PPTX
2022-08-05 M. S. Goodrich RT-2022 Presentation PPTX
2022-08-05 M. S. Goodrich, et al. RT-2022 Proceedings PDF
2022-10-20 S. Sheldon, et al. INDIS -2022 PDF
2022-10-24 M. S. Goodrich ACAT -2022 Presentation PPTX
2023-03-17 M. S. Goodrich, et al. ACAT -2022 Proceedings PDF
2023-05-11 M. S. Goodrich, et al. CHEP -2023 Presentation PPTX
2023-10-12 D. Howard, et al. CHEP -2023 Conference Publication PDF
2024-03-11 M. S. Goodrich, et al. ACAT -2024 Presentation PPTX
2024-04-10 M. S. Goodrich, et al. RT -2024 Presentation (Draft) PPTX

EJFAT Weekly EPSCI Meetings

EJFAT Weekly EPSCI Meetings

EJFAT Weekly Collaboration Meetings

EJFAT Weekly Meetings

Technical Design Overview

EJFAT Technical Design Overview

UDP Packet Header Formats


UDP Transmission Performance

EJFAT UDP General Information

EJFAT UDP General Performance Considerations

EJFAT UDP Packet Receiving and Core Switching

EJFAT UDP Packet Sending and NUMA Nodes

EJFAT UDP Single Thread Packet Sending and Receiving

Testing Load Balancer Bandwidth


How to setup ejfat nodes

How to install, build and use gRPC

How to install, build and use XDP related packages

How to Compute Schedule Density from PID Signals

Edge to Core Test Equipment:

  1. Price Estimate Spreadsheet
  2. Networking Diagram, Updated (PDF) (from Brent 2024-02-09)
  3. PR408549 : Requisition 1 of 2 :
    1. Statement of Work for Servers
    2. 1/13/2022: EJFAT team decided to solicit two bid responses, one with MLX NIC and one without. Response from Procurement is "I can ask for the two separate quotes. If you are going to purchase both option (with & without add-in cards), once I receive the quotes back, you will have submit a new PR to cover the option (without add-in cards)."
    3. 1/18/2022: Question from KOI Computers: "please clarify what the part number for the NVIDIA Dual Port ConnectX-6". Replied with part # MCX623106AN-CDAT.
    4. 1/24/2022: Requisition currently open for bid responses from vendors. Due date is COB 1/24/2022.
    5. 1/27/2022: PO awarded to Atipa for 6 servers and 1 file-server with FPGA and MLX SmartNIC. Expected delivery date from vendor is 5/31/2022.
  4. PR408870 PR408938 Requisition 2 of 2: Statement of Work for Switches & Cables
    1. 1/14/2022: PRs for the switches, transceivers and fiber have been submitted. I added (4) 2km 100G transceivers to support dual 100G connections between the switches. We can always upgrade to 400G in the future, if needed.
  5. PR409850 NVIDIA ARM HPC Developer Kit
    1. Hardware Specifications for dev kit
      Model GIGABYTE G242-P32, 2U server
      CPU 1x Ampere Altra Q80-30 (Arm processor)
      Memory 512G DDR4 memory
      Storage 6TB SAS/ SATA 3.5″
      GPU 2x NVIDIA A100 GPU
      Network 2x NVIDIA® BlueField®-2 E-Series DPU, 200GbE/HDR single-port QSFP56, PCIe Gen4 x16, secure boot enabled, crypto disabled, 16GB on-board DDR, 1GbE OOB management