Bubble Demo ME May 9, 2014

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We will meet Friday May 9 @ 9am in TL-2236.

SUMMER Installation

DL Items

(Shaun/Joe) Finalize/sign drawings => Done?
(Tim) Identify vendor for DL? => PR#343083 to get quotes from Alpha Magnetics, New England Technicoil, Stangnes Industries
(Tim/Joe/Shaun ?) Identify vendor for DL alignment plate => Shaun will ask Tim to be made...

Beamline layout

(Shaun) Send Joe copy of layout => Done
(Joe) Help categorize component inventory => Joe sit w/ Phil make list
re-use from tunnel, on shelf, buy part, design/fab part
(Shaun) Bellows arrangement => Bellows added, need support at end of first bellows.
(Shaun) Modify support of "green" girder => Done, looks good.
(Shaun) Plan/schedule for drawings and fabrication => Couple days of effort. Riad would like layout by Wed14th.
(Riad) Aluminum photon dump dimensions => Riad still working this prob

Beamline components

(Joe) Are MBH corrector strengths sufficient? => 4 Haimson pairs will work
media:140502_Bubble_Haimson.docx media:140502_Bubble_Haimson.pdf
(Joe M.) Is radiator cooling flange sufficient? => Shaun will work new concept. Joe M. will make new assessment.
media:140508_RadiatorConcept.pptx media:140508_RadiatorConcept.pdf

Bubble Chamber Alignment

(Riad/Brad/Shaun) Mounting in tunnel
(Riad/Brad/Shaun) Chamber alignment capability
media:140508_MountBubble.docx media:140508_MountBubble.pdf

FINAL installation

Identify suitable dump dipole and its dimensions