Meeting 8/18/22 - COMTRA

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Thursday's @ 9am EDT by Zoom





Geant4 Model

Action Items

  • Gary - extend spool and support two locations, relocate table further downstream, layout modifications for lead wall with hole, check stand status at mech. shop
  • Sandesh/Probir - follow-up with EMC re-making coil, tally list of jobs once magnet on-site
  • Joe - coordinate cable pulls with Nick and Nate, 20A/120VAC circuit in mech. room with FML, order spool flanges
  • Chris - complete rack assembly for UITF, order triax connectors
  • Bryan - work with Gary for soft ioc and Brad to activate network port
  • Greg - compute integrated asymmetry, simulate 5 configurations, use slurm to run jobs on farm
  • Riad - coordinate with Bryan/Hai for 4 usec integration testing, implement for Mott, forward detector studies