Meeting 9/1/22 - COMTRA

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Thursday's @ 9am EDT by Zoom

New UITFList entries

Last Week's Action Items

  • Magnet to-do's
    • One complete magnet on-site
    • QA's beginning at MMF
  • Nick's to-do's
    • One KEPCO installed UITF, another being installed at MMF for checkout
    • Install/cable dummy load next week
  • Vac to-do's
    • Move pump cart, vent line
    • Remove/stow wastewater Ti window + fast valve gauge
    • Add/support spool - reducer - ceramic - dump
    • Pump down
  • DAQ to-do's
    • cables pulled
    • heliax connectors done
    • PMT connectors ...?
    • DAQ in mech room, ready for the network....
    • Riad - coordinate with Bryan/Hai for 4 usec integration testing, implement for Mott, forward detector studies
  • Detector hut to-do's
    • Assemble BGO/PMT into detector chassis
    • install/instrument collimator + magnet + detector, then rough alignment for check out
    • Prepare for commissioning (collimator, x-ray card, camera), but not magnet nor detector box
  • Greg's to-do's
    • compute integrated asymmetry
    • use slurm to run jobs on farm
    • simulate 5 configurations





Geant4 Model

Action Items