Meeting 9/8/22 - COMTRA

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Thursday's @ 9am EDT by Zoom

New UITFList entries

Readiness Updates

  • ME/vacuum component layout/shielding
    • Updated ME model w/ dimensions (collimator length, insertable aperture, stand points)
    • Vacuum assembly later today (add aperture, spool, reducer, ceramic, dump)
    • Schedule S&A as-found
    • Max - names/dimensions for beam line elements
    • Mike - update songsheet w/ names
  • Detector table/shielding
    • Waiting on table top, then rails/posts assembly
    • Drawings for lead hut assembly
  • Detector status
    • Detector Triax (4) and SHV (2) => cables pulled and hanging near dump
    • DAQ status
    • Assemble BGO/PMT and detector chassis
  • Magnet
    • Magnet QA, measurement/model benchmarking, readiness for installation
    • Magnet PS cables => pulled to power load on wall
    • Rack/magnet ground cable => bounded to braid near dump
  • Current monitoring
    • Faraday cups current monitor => Ganged with FCUP
    • A5 current monitor => 7mm aperture, requires I&C controls (Windham next week)
    • A6 current monitor => Radiator
  • Beam Position/Size diagnostics upstream of Dump
    • Harp installed upstream of dump
    • BPM installed upstream of dump
    • Beam line viewer => Matt repaired, requires camera alignment
    • X-ray viewer => Joe relocated to look at detector hut, requires X-ray card
  • SImulations
    • Greg - Update model to include positions of FCUP, Aperture, Tube, Dump, Shielding
    • Max - Beam size model at 5 MeV