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Dropbox Team Folder

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6/12/16 - Pade fits for AvT, RvT, and AvR

File:PadeFits BestData.xlsx.
Pade Fits Plots

6/8/16 - Asymmetry and Rates, Runs 1 and 2 File:Asymmetry Rate Summary 3.xlsx

2/24/16 - Xavier's Calculations for Au, 5 MeV beam energy

File:Spin polarization functions.txt
File:Scattering amplitude.txt
File:Differential cross section.txt

2/16/2016 - 02/16/16 Meeting Analysis Follow-Up

1/22/2016 - Table Comparing Fit, Fit Parameters Varying Background Subtraction and Energy Cut File:Table BGSub EnergyCut BothRuns.docx

1/22/2016 - Asymmetry and Rates, Run1 and Run2, Comparing Background Subtraction and Different Energy Cuts File:Asymmetry Rate Summary 1.xlsx

1/4/2016 - [Now defunct] Asymmetry and Polarization Analysis, both runs File:Asymmetry Summary.ods


10/7/15 - Version 1 abstract and paper outline media:151007_MottDraft.docx

9/23/15 - Mott polarimetry at JLab: working notes on theory media:150923_mott-theory.pdf