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Recent Documents

  • 6/13/17 RunI/II Exploration of Sensitivity to Choice of Cuts
media:06.13.17 Sensitivity to Choice of Cuts.pdf
media:06.13.17 RunI+RunII Bubble+Grid Asymmetry+Rate.xlsx
media:06.13.17 RunI+RunII AvT AvR FitParameters.xlsx
media:06.13.17 RunI+RunII Bubble+Grid Asymmetry+Rate.ods
media:06.13.17 RunI+RunII AvT AvR FitParameters.ods
AvT and AvR Fits and Residuals versus Percent Change in Cuts Boxes
  • 6/1/17 Run I/II Summary Tables
  • 6/1/17 Run I Asymmetry, Rate, Analysis Code Fit Parameters, Dilution Study -- All Runs/Data
  • 6/1/17 Run II Asymmetry, Rate, Analysis Code Fit Parameters, Dilution Study -- All Runs/Data
  • 4/7/2017 Mott Background/Dilution Contributions for ToF-Window Before and After
Mott Background (PDF)
Mott Background (Open Office)
  • 11/16 FESEM Thickness Tech Note
FESEM Thickness (Word)

Latest Asymmetry, Rate, and Thickness Data

06.01.17 Run1 TAR.jpg 06.01.17 Run2 TAR.jpg
06.01.17 Run1 AsymAll.jpeg 06.01.17 Run2 AsymAll.jpeg
06.01.17 Run1 RatesAll.jpeg 06.01.17 Run1 RatesAll.jpeg

Running Mott Analysis Code on opsmdaq0 -- Mott Analysis

Data Analysis Working Area

2015 Mott Experiment (Gold)

2014 Mott Experiment (Gold, Silver, Copper)