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  1. X. Li,F. Hannon, H. Baumgart,G. Ciovati,S. Wang; Design of a 10 MeV beamline at the Upgraded Injector Test Facility for e-beam irradiation, JLAB-ACC-21-3373, DOE/OR/23177-5193, Paper compiled for IPAC21. media:WEPAB244-GPTv2.pdf media:WEPAB244-GPTv2.docx poster
  2. X. Li,F. Hannon, H. Baumgart,G. Ciovati,S. Wang; Simulation Studies on the Interactions of Electron Beam with Wastewater, JLAB-ACC-21-3372, DOE/OR/23177-5192, Paper compiled for IPAC21. media:IPAC21-FLUKA-simulation.pdf media:IPAC21-FLUKA-simulation.docx
  1. G. Cheng, M. Drury, J. Fischer, R. Kazimi, K. Macha, H. Wang; JLAB NEW INJECTOR CRYOMODULE DESIGN, FABRICATION AND TESTING, JLAB-ACE-17-2519, DOE/OR/23177-4177, Paper compiled for SRF 2017 (18th International Conference on RF Superconductivity) media:MOPB045_JLab-INJ-CM-Design-FabTest3.pdf media:MOPB045_JLab-INJ-CM-Design-FabTest3.docx