Spring 2021 - Rebuilding Photogun

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Depo chamber : Replace schneedle, fix pucks, opportunistic jobs

  • Vent Depo Chamber
Pump out NF3, plan to leave leak valve as is ->> DONE 04/30/2021
Vent Depo chamber (isolation valve - bake line - pump) ->> DONE 04/30/2021
Remove and mic pucks vs. series 30 series dwg, clean, fix media:JL0047248 PUCK BODY REV A.pdf media:MoPuckMount.docx
Pucks as of March 31 2021 Link to UITFLOG entry
Media:UITF pucks in HV and prep chambers as of March 31 2021.jpg
HV chamber
Puck # 14 is missing its tab (ear). It has bulk GaAs last activated March 31 2021, good QE
Depo chamber
Puck # 31 Bulk GaAs Used many times, not very good QE
Puck # 8 Bulk GaAs used as dummy for HV conditioning
Puck # 22 SSL perhaps never activated?
Add pucks => new bulk GaAs on X pucks + special one for HV conditioning?
Replace K source with Alvatec Sb source :https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3878165 SbPt bead on W wire installed as Sb source
Mamun found Russ' Sb req : https://misportal.jlab.org/reqs/pr/viewPrPo.do?prNum=315281
Replace w/ Nitronic schneedle (make sure fit to pucks good first), set alignment into electrode w/o or w/ puck
Make (2) SS schneedle w/o silver plating, replace depo chamber silver plated schneedle media:ACC2003000-0219 schneedle.pdf
4/6 - Shop is fabricating two, trying to have one ready by 4/18
one from 316 or 316L SS and one from Nitronic 60 https://mis.jlab.org/mis/apps/job_request/mshop/view_request.cfm?request_id=330210&code=1
Return 10" flange
Align floppy mask to puck on heater, fix mask (comments: Marcy and Mamun looked at the mask assembly, the two screws that hold the mask on the rod are found tight, it is teh rod that wobble, we experience similar wobbling at GTS mask assembly too. :https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3878166

HV chamber : Replace cathode electrode

  • Electrode Prep Work
LgGnNb leak check => done 4/8, Carlos leak tested complete assembly in 1137
LgGnNb fiducialize => done, Chris provide Carlos this info to compare assembly to assembly Media:R28_3_S&A_Inspection_Apr-14-2021.xlsx
  • Alignment Jobs in Cave
Walk job with Carlos & Chris => done 4/7
S&A perform an as-found of the Gun through Y chamber => media:UITF Y Chamber Line April 22 2021.xlsx
Link to UITFLOG entry on SA& results and comments
Matt's "Have-Want" summary pics media:210414_HaveWant.pptx
Decide if we want to run beam before venting => don't think so, agree at 4/15 UITF meeting
  • Vent HV Chamber to replace cathode (isolation valve - bake pump - turbo)
Start depo jobs first to be ready for manipulator alignment
S&A will fiducialize upstream anode face in UITF
S&A will be able to help us align new schneedle where cathode will go
S&A will be able to align cathode to anode
S&A will be able to align cathode/anode combo on whatever line we want (thinking Y ports)
CIS follows up for puck in/out tests, and laser alignment

Other jobs