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Sweeper assembly and Preparation Plan

Main Coil

Corrector Coil


Field calculcations

  • TOSCA source file
  • TOSCA field results. Grid X -1cm, Y -3cm, Z -3cm. With Z=0 at 157 cm downstream of target, X=0 at small angle side of the magnet gap as shown in figure SAM_coordinates.png

Other Updates

  • Compared to the original version slide #14 has been corrected: The beam deflection angle is much smaller than was shown before and also added a comment about the downstream shielding of the beam line. The original version from 30 July 2015 can be found here
  • The coordinate system is based on the magnet, so the target center has the coordinates x = 15 cm, y = 0 cm, z = 157 cm. The beam going to the negative z, positive x at the angle -2.2 degree. The center of the calorimeter is in the direction +4.1 degree from the target.