Meson Structure Functions

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Previous workshops

Yellow Report Workshops

  • 4th Yellow Report Workshop, November 19-21, 2020, UCB – Berkeley, CA [link]
  • 3rd Yellow Report Workshop, September 16-18, 2020, CUA, Washington D.C. [link]
  • 2nd Yellow Report Workshop, May 20-22, 2020, U. of Pavia, Pavia , Italy [link]
  • 1st Yellow Report Workshop, March 19-21, 2020, Temple University, Philadelphia [link]
  • MIT Kick-off/planning/organization meeting, December 12-13, 2019 [link]

Pion and Kaon Structure at the EIC

  • ECT* Workshop 2021 [link]
  • CFNS Workshop 2020 [link]
  • PIEIC 2018 [link]
  • PIEIC 2017 [link]

ECT* Workshops

Conference Presentations

Presentation on "Pion and Kaon Structure at the EIC" at the EHM Workshop IV Perceiving the Emergence of Hadron Mass through AMBER@CERN, 30 November 2020

Presentation on "Pion and Kaon Structure at the EIC - White Paper" at the CFNS Workshop on Pion and Kaon structure functions at EIC, 2-5 June 2020

Richard Trotta's presentation at the CFNS Workshop on Pion and Kaon structure functions at EIC , 2-5 June 2020 [pdf]


  • Meson SF WG Action Items for 2021 [link]
  • EIC Yellow report ("Science Requirements and Detector Concepts for the Electron-Ion Collider: EIC Yellow Report") on Arxiv (2021) [link]
  • "Revealing the structure of light pseudoscalar mesons at the electron–ion collider" review article published in Journal of Physics G: J.Phys.G 48 (2021) 7, 075106 link; (Arxiv version: Link)
  • "Insights into the Emergence of Mass from Studies of Pion and Kaon Structure" review article published in Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics (2021) (Arxiv version: Link)
  • "Pion and Kaon Structure at the Electron-Ion Collider" published in European Physics Journal: Eur.Phys.J.A 55 (2019) 10, 190 Link; (Arxiv version: Link)
  • Link to Overleaf review document [link]


May Meson SF Meeting: TBD (Doodle poll - check email)

  • main feature: theory presentation

EIC Meson SF Meeting Material and Summaries

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  • Validity of Factorization link


Useful links

Useful references

  • EIC White Paper (updated 2014 version), Eur. Phys. J. A52 (2016) no.9, 268, [link]
  • Leading neutron production in e+ p collisions at HERA, Nucl.Phys.B 637 (2002) 3-56 [link]
  • Pion structure function from leading neutron electroproduction and SU(2) flavor asymmetry [link]
  • Phenomenological Implications of the Nucleon’s Meson Cloud [link]