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The JLAB Hall A Tritium Target (HATT) has been used for a number of experiments starting in the late Fall of 2017 at Jefferson Lab's Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF). The target consists of Five (5) cells of various species of gas (with one being an empty cell) installed in place of the standard Hall A cryogenic target. The gaseous fluid was not circulated marking a departure from the normal Hall A target operation. The intent was to design and construct a simple and robust target system which mitigates the hazards associated with tritium by both minimizing the amount of tritium required to perform the experiments and by employing multiple layers of containment/confinement. The target cells are of a modular design. This allows for easy assembly of the target system and permits installation of the tritium cell after all other target installation activities have been completed. The modular design chosen also allows the tritium cell to be filled off site at Savannah River Site Tritium Enterprises (SRTE). This limits the amount of tritium at Jefferson Lab to the amount contained in the cell which is slightly less than 1075 Ci. In effect, Jefferson Lab will not “handle” tritium. The entire target assembly shall be cooled with 15K helium from the End Station Refrigerator (ESR). The 15K helium was preheated to 40K and used to cool a heat sink attached to the cell assemblies. This removed the ~15W of heat generated by the electron beam. The beam current allowed on the tritium cell was limited to a maximum of 22.5 µA.


Final Ladder Assembly

This page contains pictures of the final target ladder assembly in the chamber.

Technical Documents


This page contains several formal engineering reports including the main design document and the response to the review committee reports. A hazard analysis is also included.


This page contains links to the engineering procedures applicable to the HATT


This page contains links to the engineering calculations applicable to the HATT

Drawings and CAD

This page contains links to the engineering drawings applicable to the HATT

Engineering Change Orders (ECO)

This page contains links to the engineering change orders applicable to the HATT

Test Reports

This page contains links to the engineering test reports applicable to the HATT. This includes burst testing of the cell and formal certification of the exhaust system.


This page summarizes the reviews applicable to the HATT and has links to the presentations and other documents.


This page contains many of the presentations given for the HATT over the years.


Click the link above for training requirements for Tritium Target Operators and general Hall A access while the Hall is in "Tritium Mode"

Tritium Collaboration WIKI

Wiki page for the tritium family of experiments

Final Target Assembly Data