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The Experiments

E12-010-103 (MARATHON)
Uses deep inelastic scattering off of the mirror nuclei 3H and 3He to measure the EMC effect for 3H and 3He and determine the ratio of the neutron to proton inelastic structure functions, F2n /F2p, and the ratio of the down to up quark distributions in the nucleon, d/u, at medium and large Bjorken x. Full details of the physics goals are provided in the PAC37 proposal

E12-11-112 (xB > 1)
Will perform a precision test of the isospin dependence of two-nucleon short range correlations using mirror nuclei 3H and 3He.

E12-13-012 / E12-14-011 (Quasi-Elastic)
Uses quasi-elastic scattering to measure the proton and neutron momentum distributions in A = 3 asymmetric nuclei 3H and 3He to demonstrate that the minority (protons in 3H) have average kinetic energy higher than the majority (protons in 3He). This will be a first direct test of calculated momentum distributions.

E12-17-003 (e,e'K) Hypernucleus
Wiki page for the nnΛ experiment

E12-14-009 (Elastic)
Charge radius of 3He and 3H

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