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Shift Leader Responsibilities

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with shift crews and MCC (7047), and log any status information to the HALOG. (Make sure to log in.)
  • Maintain data taking quality and an efficient use of beam time.
  • Follow the directives in the COO!
  • Log the following in a shift summary in the HALOG:
    • run list (describing the goal of this run: eg production on LH2, BMC calibration...) and report main statistic numbers
    • any major events, including hall access
  • Post Snapshots with HALOG of important information at least twice a shift.
    • Include- Hall A tools, BPM strip-charts, and BCM strip-charts.
    • Include any snapshots of the details after a change.
    • Please feel free to post these Snapshots more often.
  • Complete the Shift check list!
    • Link to [How to] and link to online copy of the list.

List of useful How-Tos for shift Leader

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