June 9, 2017 - 200kV gun upgrade meeting

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Summer 2017 SAD Update


200kV Gun

NEG Tube

We are making 4 BPM's
...Shop has materials now and machining (#327755)
...then Phil will pick up for weld, 400C bake, leak check, clean, NEG coat
...then Pete will perform optical/electrical checks
...then John will perform Gabou map
We are making 1 solenoid NEG tube
...MMF prep and magnet new MFH to +/- 2.5A
...then Phil will vacuum fire 4.5" NR + 2.5" pipe
...then shop will weld flanges w/solenoid on tube
...then Phil will clean/leak check
...then Phil will NEG coat
Final NEG tube design => media:NEGTUBE_MAY03.pdf
M20 Old Assembly Modification media:0990.pdf
M20 New Assembly Can media:0991.pdf
M20 New Assembly 6.00 x 4.500 reducer flangemedia:0.992.pdf
Assembly of compound NEG tube
Attach BPM #1 to Solenoid tube (axially symmetric)
Rotate BPM #2 to align to BPM #1 and attach to Solenoid tube
Now, the BPM #1 + Solenoid + BPM #2 is one piece
Install compound NEG tube by aligning BPM #1/BPM #2 upright, use upstream ROT to Gun2 bellows flange and

Diagnostics Chamber Installation

Second bake and activate week of May 30th => Remove and replace Gun3 ATLIS task
Remove VBV3I02 from special interlock and swap PLC for relays

TOSP/Spellman HVPS update

UITF media:UITF-TOSP.pdf media:UITF-THA.pdf