Magnetized Gun Planning Meetings

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January 20th

Off axis fields in a solenoid as calculated by ASTRA for the FEL style solenoid.

Bz.jpg Br.jpg

Off axis fields calculated from a single turn solenoid of radius=4cm, scaled to give ~0.2T

File:Sol eqn.jpg

January 19th

A deeper look at the magnetizing field options. All is not what it seems! 16-01-10Comparison of cathode fields


January 5th

Preliminary investigation into magnetizing solenoid fields. Fay Hannon. 15-12-10-Magnetized Beam Solenoid Field Discussion


  • Suggested diagnostics

Steering magnet - Radiabeam

Emittance measurement - Radiabeam



November 10th

Emittance measurement of SC dominated magnetized beams. Fay Hannon: 15-11-10-Emittance measurement diagnostics


Addendum (December 27, 2015): media:LDRD_pair_Dec2015.pdf
Bz(z) of four designs: media:Gun_Magnet_four_models_B.ods