May 7, 2020 - ME/INJ/CIS/CASA

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Meeting Info

We will meet Thursday @ 10am EDT via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in):
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 909497334#

Talking Points - May 7

Solenoids (from Joe Meyers)
  • Steel cores arrived at ETI. Copper rings are being fab now.
  • Low Carbon steel material used was hot-rolled A36. Different than the cold-rolled steel outlined in the specification. Discussed with Jay that the A36 wouldn’t affect the low fields.
  • Coil winding taking a little longer. Finding twist in the wire coming off the spool. They are taking their time winding to get it right and inspecting their wire inventory for more twisted conductor.
  • Coordinating conference meeting with ETI and procurement to discuss updated schedule and delivery date.
  • Drawings are being edited to reflect changes in the solenoid such as the coil turn count and also the revisions asked by Shaun (Mech Design).
  • RAL 6018 - Yellow Green was the accepted solenoid paint color
Y/Laser chamber viewers
  • Same viewer assemblies
  • New shorter tophats
  • Garages
Wien filters
  • Coils are here
  • Ready to work...
  • Coils
  • A2 assembly
  • From Brock April 30th ...
Hello Matt, Joe, and Danny.  I attached a photo of one the cavity bodies, both of these will have their centers cut out with the EDM, I will be setting that up tomorrow.  I still need another week for the ends .  Sorry they are late,  but they should come together very soon.  Thanks! -Brock media:DSCN1082.JPG
  • From Omley May 6th
First off, my apologies for the late reply.  There was a problem with this email account that was just resolved this morning, so I just received this message. Yes, we can certainly braze this up for you.  Please send along what you have and I will review the fit-ups and get pricing to you.
PSS Kicker
  • Jerry walked us (Jay and I) through his recent simulation results. There are no other open questions/ concerns at this moment.
  • Next steps:
1 Tomorrow I will walk ME (Gary, Shaun, and Dannie) through the revised magnet model, provide them with the coil solid model and information to detail the conductor layout in the coil.
2 I will verify the mutual inductance of the kick and bias windings using the detailed coil model.
3 Provide ME with the sketch of the electric termination block, the solid models of the support structure of the coils and magnet assembly to complete the mechanical drawings to initiate the magnet procurement process.
  • May I assign names?
  • Then review
  • Then to Chase, Ops, Eng, etc
Modeling meeting next Tuesday?
  • Dennis - you are exploring Wien quad solutions, now for both Wiens too. Can you summarize what you're finding? And, in spite of my earlier requests for QW currents, can you tally results in required quad strengths like Gauss (i.e. G'L). I'll ask Lakshmi to join, she'll begin looking at a new air-core quad design based on your estimates.
  • Gabriel - you saved the day, I remembered your seminar this Friday (which I'll try to join), but for next Tuesday can you give some update about your progress, and maybe describe the plan you're working through e.g. what are 'jobs' you imagine to compare your results w/ that paper
  • Alicia - the injector model is starting to remain static, a good thing. any updates or comments on the layout, model, Wiens, adding bend dipole (btw Josh has this on his list to...I can invite him and ask to work on it?), or whatever you'd like to update us about
Parts list (from Danny)
  • wien filter coils-delivered last friday
  • solenoid fixture plates (first set)-due may 4, i think they're being shipped. due in may 11th.
  • BPM bodies- due to ship may 1.
  • BPM antennae-a handful were due to ship 2 weeks ago, the rest today. haven't seen any.
  • first section spool pieces for NEG coating-due to ship may 1.
  • girder mods-delivered to vendor may 1, will take them about a week to do.
  • 10" high voltage chamber flange-due to ship mid-april, asked about status a week ago and then yesterday.
When to start working on stuff...
  • assembling the solenoid fixture plates.
  • BPM's?
  • NEG coated spool pieces?
  • Y chamber girder assembly.

Talking Points - April 30th

Things to Order...
  • Wien crosses
cross bodies wien quads -
flanges (12x ot and 12x non-rot) for 3-crosses webstock/lesker
  • Apertures
Custom 6-way crosses w/ 4x rot. flanges for adjacent apertures
4.5" cubes for apertures -
  • Y-chamber
Flanges for y chamber power/TC feedthroughs:
rectangular gaskets for DP can: requested quote from MDC.
Signed => thermocouple wire for connections
Ordered omega TC adapters (Purchase card) $48.28
PSS Kicker
  • Re-design for 500mA and lower inductance
media:PSS Kicker Magnet Design-V02-Lakshmi-20200427.pptx
media:PSS Kicker Magnet Design-V02-Lakshmi-20200427.pdf
  • Final Winding
  • Colors
RAL 1018 Yellow-Green media:RAL 1018.jpg
RAL 1026 Luminous Yellow media:RAL 1026.jpg

Talking Points - April 23

  • Viewer solution on Y-chamber => long viewer or tack weld tube
  • Add Capacitorr 100's to NEG crosses, do they fit
  • Wien quad cross solution (buy 3), but we consider plan B
  • Translate 133W SS power to Cu cavity
  • Attaching coils to A1/A2 cubes (what's left to order)
  • PSS coil design change to meet rise time requirement
  • Solenoid ETI decision
  • QW's running near limit

Talking Points - April 16

  • Review the ME layout, it's coming together!
* Apr 07, 2020 media:beamlinelayoutapril7.pdf puzzling A1/A2 layout, moving FX 2" upstream
  • Existing April 2020 injector quick reference
Thanks, Daniel => media:12GeV_injector_quick_reference_rev16.pdf
  • Asking Christian Whalen S&R if we can ship small parts to home:
This was proposed at the beginning of this crisis and the answer was no. We currently are coming in to the lab to do processing of Received item on Fridays from 8am to 5pm and pass them out to folks that come to S&R. We’ve worked out a way to sanitize the packages and keep the social distancing rules to keep everyone safe.
  • Lakshmi model of longer rectangular PSS kicker magnet on spool
My recent calculation shows a significant benefit ( reduction in the resistive load with less turn counts) by increasing the overall length of the rectangular coil for example from 50 mm ( as per the input of the kick off meeting) to 70 mm and a modification of coil cross-section. Let me refine the rectangular coil geometry and get back you with better results.
  • Status on parts deliveries
:MDC BPMs/Spools arriving 4/13-4/16, contact Whalen to put stuff in 1137
:Solenoid fixtures (deliveries & distributions on Friday's)
  • Technicoil Wien coils status
OneDrive folder
  • Alicia is using Jay's Wien field maps here:
  • Gary knocking out fixture drawings:
Section 1		
:Section 1 solenoid assembly
:Solenoid fxiture itself
:Solenoid fixture spacer
Section 2	
:MFX solenoid fixture assembly
:Y-Laser chamber girder holes
Section 3		
:Ion Pump support bracket
:Ion pump vee block
:Vee block angle 5"
:Vee block angle 2"
Now on Link to AIPINJ OneDrive folder, then they're in the "20.03.26 Beamline Screen Shots".
MFX before A1 moves further upstream on spool
A2 is now a cube, instead of a cross
harp before A2 is rotated 45 deg CW looking downstream, there is a viewer on it too
  • Danny working w/ MDC so their BPM shop drawings match his submitted drawing
the BPM cans from MDC are due to ship april 13th.
  • Joe finding status of BPM feed through delivery
Requested date is 4/25
the BPM antennae are due to ship: a quantity of 7 in three weeks, the balance on may 7th.
  • ME working on finishing solenoid fixture designs
  • Marcy checking on top hat configuration for Y-chamber media:200326_viewer shield.pdf
  • ME can go ahead order spools for Sections 2 & 3
  • Shaun add "stay clear" zone of camera to model
Joe measured 4" dia x 6" length tube
  • Danny check with Milhous & Jlab people for dipole design
Yes, nice examples. Jay OK. Joe OK. Req submitted & signed
  • Reza talk out with Curt or Rick about power needed and controls desired
  • DP can, will new $$$ NEG's fit or not
  • Marcy get quotes on A1/A2 cubes and 6-way cross w/ R-R
  • Decide on A1 media:200326_aperture 1.pdf insert depths
  • Finalize A2 media:200326_aperture 2.pdf in layout, need to wind coils now too
  • Scott figure out how to control [1], set limits, positions, use encoder w/ stac5
ordered a stac5
  • Let Joe Meyers know what color to paint solenoids
  • Riad - will magnetic field of first coil reach photocathode? will it affect solenoids?
Field map: media:BH_Haimson_Coils.xlsx => Field extends to 8 cm from center of magnet.
  • Carlos/Gabriel evaluate model for smaller gap Wien filter
  • Lakshmi status of PSS coil models
  • Dennis turn elegant model values into expected magnet currents.
Using the 2020-03-26 layout: Media:magnet_currents.ods

Follow-up meeting - CEBAF vacuum modeling