UITF Mott Data Acquisition System

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DAQ Hardware

DAQ Software

Manuals and References

JLab FADC250

Reference: FADC250UsersManual.pdf


Reference: Media:PEPPo-FADC.pdf

Reference: Media:PEPPo_Helicity_Trigger_FADC250.docx

Reference: Media:PEPPpoHelicityFirmware.pdf Media:PEPPpoHelicityFirmware.docx

All the relevant files are at: M:\FE\PEPPo. These files also copied to opsmdaq0 at: /opt/idaq/HaiDong_PEPPo.

Helicity Decoder Board

Programming the Helicity Decoder Module: Media:Programming_Helicity_Decoder_Module_V5.pdf

Helicity Data Path in Helicity Decoder: Media:Helicity_data_path.pdf

Helicity Decoder Board: Media:Helicity_Decoder_board.pdf

CODA Library: media:helicity_decoder-tgz.txt