WF Wien Filters (200 kV upgrade)

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These pages contain materials for modifying the standard CEBAF Wien filter design (originally SLAC 100kV Wien filter) for operation at 200kV.

200 kV Wien HV Controls

200kV High Voltage Power Supply & Controls

200 kV Wien Magnet

Feb 11, 2020 - Final coil design media:200KeVWienFIlter-32893-D-0131.pdf
Mar 10, 2020 - Vendor has begun coil winding media:20200305_145427.jpg

200 kV Wien Assembly

Media:UITF Wien filter traveler May 11 2020.docx
Media:Wien rebuild work update week of Oct 5.pptx

CEBAF Wien Filter Upgrade Iterations

200kV Wien filter - FINAL - This is for the two rebuilt Wien filters for CEBAF.
200kV Wien filter - V3 - Third iteration modeled in CST by Gabriel with improved 40 kV feedthroughs has demonstrated (2019) 20kV per plate at UITF on a test stand but test still undergoing. Intended as a testbed for 20kV switch chassis test in preparation for implementation at CEBAF.
200kV Wien filter - V2 - Second iteration built using 20kV feedthroughs and HV tested in UITF beamline 2018 to ~12 kV limited by large vacuum excursions
200kV Wien filter - V1 - First iteration to modify CEBAF Wien filter for 200kV operation, fabricated per Jay's proposal, and installed at UITF 2017

Wien Filter References