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Welcome to the Jefferson Lab Users Organization

The Jefferson Lab Users Organization (JLUO) (formerly known as CEBAF Users Group (CUG)) consists of over 1890 scientists from over 324 institutions in 39 countries. All scientists (including faculty, students and postdocs, as well as Jefferson Lab staff members) who pursue experimental, theoretical or applied research using (or relevant to) the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) or other facilities and infrastructure at Jefferson Lab are eligible to join the users organization. Everyone who is registered with the JLab User Liaison office is a member. The organization's membership is also open to other scientists and engineers interested in Jefferson Lab.

The JLab Users Organization purpose based on the charter is to encourage and assist scientists and engineers in the use of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, to create and maintain effective channels for the exchange of information between the staff of JLab and other scientists and engineers interested in using CEBAF, to create and maintain effective methods of offering advice and counsel to the JLab management on matters of policy affecting the development and utilization of the facility, and to support, encourage, and assist in the advancement of basic scientific knowledge, and to promote the most effective utilization of CEBAF for the common good and welfare of society.

All users are strongly encouraged to sign up for the CUGA email list - please contact Lorelei Carlson if you have any difficulty with that.

Nuclear Physics advocacy is something that Jefferson Laboratory cannot, by law, undertake.  Thus, we encourage you to also subscribe to the JLUO Advocacy mailing list, which *must* be done from a non-JLab email account.  

If you are not already subscribed to this Google Group/mailing list, please consider doing so.  Subscribing is easy!  You can either search for or Jefferson Lab Users Advocacy within Google Groups to find the group, or you can send a blank email to

If you think that you are already subscribed to this Google group/mailing list, but have not received any recent emails from, please check your spam folder.  It is possible that the messages may have been sent there, as this is a relatively new address.



Membership is open to anyone interested in or involved with research (experimental, theoretical, computational or applied), as long as it is relevant to the program of Jefferson Lab and its Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator (CEBAF). Anyone registering as user at Jefferson Lab will become member of the User Group.

The following link leads to a list of present members.

A list of member institutions can be found here.

Board of Directors (JLUO BoD)

Annual Users Organization Meeting

Annually in Summer, we hold a workshop and meeting at Jefferson Lab to which all users are invited.

The next workshop will take place on June 26-28, 2023

An archive of past meeting can be found at:

UO News

JLab Community News


This is a new page to which we started to add content on February 2019.


Statement on the War in Ukraine (sent to the JLUO Advocacy mailing list 03-06-2022)

JLUO input to the LRP process (draft) (sent to the CUGA mailing list 09-15-2022)


GHP Dissertation Award fund raising effort support (sent to I. Cloet, 02-18-19)

Comments on the jeopardy process (sent to R. McKeown, 2-4-19)


Russian users at JLab (sent to S Henderson, 12-20-18)


  • The old CEBAF users group wiki-page is archived in this Aged_link.

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