A1/A2 Aperture Steering Cubes

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The A1 and A2 apertures define injector acceptance into the chopping system, additionally the A2 aperture is the beam stopper for the PSS kicker.

New HD steering coils
A1 motorized aperture
VacGen Motor Driven SLTM Series media: VacGen_LTM_Series_Operating_Instructions.pdf
VacGen Motor Handbook media: Motor_operating_handbook_14.pdf
VacGen Motor to Stac5 Wiring media: VacGen_motor.pdf
Stac5 to Motor Encoder Pinout media: Encoder_pinout.pdf
Stac5 Hardware Manual media:STAC5_Hardware_Manual.pdf
Stac5 Quick Setup Guide media:STAC5_QuickSetup_Guide.pdf
Stac5 Limit Switch Pinout media:STAC5_Limit_Switches.docx