200kV High Voltage Power Supply & Controls

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This page contains information about the high voltage power supply controls used at CEBAF and UITF.

Power Supplies and Controller
+/- 30 kV HVPS [1] AE-30P1-LG (+30kV) and AE-30N1-LG (-30kV) File:Matsusada AE series spec sheet.pdf
Media:Matsusada PS output voltage accuracy.pdf
Media:Matsusada PS quote JeffersonLabAE09062017-1.pdf
Matsusda HV power supplies operations manual Media:Matsusada AE 30kV PS series manual.pdf
Media:CO series communication controller.pdf
Media:CO series REV 0.4.pdf
Media:cable quote.pdf
Power Supply Settings

Terminal pairs 1-2, 3-4, and 7-8 on the rear of the Matsusada power supplies should be jumpered for correct operation in our application. 1-2 is to allow remote HV enabling (or rather a switch-based disabling, which we don't use). 7-8 allows for remote operation of the supplies. The 'Local / IEEE-488' switch on the rear of the unit should be set to IEEE-488 (GPIB) for remote operation of the supplies.

Power supply jumpers.jpg Remote operation jumper.jpg

Controller Settings

DIP switches on the rear of the CO-HV controllers need to be set correctly. Switches 1-5 define the unit address. We use address 1 for the positive supply of each Wien, address 2 for the negative supply. Switch 8 defines the 'upper connection' of the optical link, essentially the system master. Set switch 8 on the unit that is addressed 1.

Controller switches.jpg Switches.png

CO-HV hookup.png

Here is the pinout of the control cable that connects the CO-HV controller to the power supply:

Control cable.png

HV Switcher chassis & controls
Media:HV switch chassis schematic.pdf
Media:HV switch I0177M1.pdf
Media:HV switch I0178F1.pdf
Media:HV switch I0179F1.pdf
Media:HV switch I0180F1.pdf

Wien HV rack ISB March 2021.jpg

EPICS Control

Wien control screen.png