A1/A2 Aperture Steering Cubes

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The A1 and A2 apertures define injector acceptance into the chopping system, additionally the A2 aperture is the beam stopper for the PSS kicker.

New HD steering coils
A1 & A2 aperture alignment and spacer values (Jan 05, 2021)
A1 (2,3,4 mm) & stepper controls media:210105_report_A1.xlsx
A2 (4,6,8 mm) media:210105_report_A2.xlsx
A1 motorized aperture
VacGen Motor Driven SLTM Series media: VacGen_LTM_Series_Operating_Instructions.pdf
VacGen Motor Handbook media: Motor_operating_handbook_14.pdf
VacGen Motor to Stac5 Wiring media: VacGen_motor.pdf
Stac5 to Motor Encoder Pinout media: Encoder_pinout.pdf
Stac5 Hardware Manual media:STAC5_Hardware_Manual.pdf
Stac5 Quick Setup Guide media:STAC5_QuickSetup_Guide.pdf
Stac5 Limit Switch Pinout media:STAC5_Limit_Switches.docx
Aperture assembly instructions from Danny
  • a note to phil and marcy, on the real assembly work, the bottom and right side of the cube are no problem to assembly.
  • the left side (ion pump) will need studs.
  • the top (with the actuator) requires a proper sequence. it might be easier to assemble it upside down.
  • basically:
  1. pre-load bolts into cube tube CF flange.
  2. put on magnet (with no 4.5 dummy flange) and push it against cube face.
  3. bolt on actuator.
  4. move magnet against acutator.
  5. bolt in dummy 4.5 flange spacer.
  6. bolt magnet to dummy flange.