UITF Meeting - May 10, 2016

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UITF Internal Safety Review – Personnel Safety

List of Hazards

Gun System:

  1. High Voltage (350 KV)
  2. Pressure Vessel containing SF6 (60 PSI)
  3. SF6

Laser System:

  1. Class 4 laser at 780 and 1560 nm

Vacuum Systems:

  1. Pumps (Is there a need for hearing protection?)
  2. Beam line terminations (flanges capped off?)

Electrical and Magnets Systems

  1. Ion pumps
  2. Magnet terminals
  3. Magnetic fields

Cryogenic fluids

  1. Liquid Helium to ¼ cryomodule
  2. 500 L and 1000 L liquid Helium for HDIce
  3. Nitrogen gas line

Non-ionizing Radiation

  1. Warm RF (Buncher and Chopper systems)
  2. High Power RF to ¼ cryomodule

Define operational modes

  1. Low energy operations (restricted to Cave 1, beam current 32 mA, beam energy <250KV, or 3mA at <400kV)
  2. High energy operations (for HD-Ice, beam current , < 100nA, PSS BCMs)
  3. Maintenance, no beam

Ionizing Radiation

  1. Due to beam during UITF operation, or field emission from ¼ CM and gun
  2. Residual radiation after turning off the beam

Access Controls

  1. Levels of Access (Restricted/Beam Permit)
  2. Sweep procedures (prior to beam operations)
  3. Access control procedures post-beam operations
  4. CARMs
  5. BCMs (<100 nA into Cave 2)


  1. ODH posting
  2. HV
  3. Laser
  4. Magnetic fields (if higher than 5 G, about 1 ft from the magnet)
  5. Beacons, if needed (maybe at the gate when beam in UITF)
  6. Beacons above the cave (restrict access when RF/Beam on)

Matt Poelker UITF introduction media:UITF overview_Poelker_final.pptx

Henry Robertson PSS and ODH system media: Safety System Group Overview_final.pdf

Vashek Vylet: Radiation Shielding media:UITF shielding assessment.pptx

Hari Areti ODH summary media:ODH_Areti presentation_v2.pptx, media:draft ODH assessment.docx

John Hansknecht Laser Safety media:UITF Laser Safety.pptx

DILO SF6 cart manual media:DILO manual.pdf

SF6 information media:SF6 info.pdf

media:Poelker notes from UITF internal safety review.docx

media:Review Committee Report.docx