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:(Dan) Status of method to calculate background spectra
:(Dan) Status of method to calculate background spectra
:(Joe) Final beam energies and corresponding Sherman function
:(Joe) Final beam energies and corresponding Sherman function
::Link to TN [[media:JLAB-TN-17-001.pdf]]
::Link to TN [[media:JLAB-TN-17-001.pdf]]

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We will meet on Friday, Feb. 3rd at 2pm EST so that we may share status and discuss our path forward. We will meet locally in TL-2236 and using BlueJeans. We will share the meeting room desktop using BlueJeans to help share information.

Meeting Wiki


Blue Jeans

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers: http://bluejeans.com/numbers
Meeting ID: 768457211#
Web connection for desktop sharing: https://bluejeans.com/768457211

Proposed Agenda Topics

(Charlie) Status of paper
(Joe) Quick reminder of official release of asymmetry, rate, thickness
(Marcy/Tim/Riad) Status of fitting asymmetry vs. thickness and rate
(Dan) Status of method to calculate background spectra
(Joe) Final beam energies and corresponding Sherman function
Link to TN media:JLAB-TN-17-001.pdf
(Joe/Riad) Status of beam and instrumental studies:
(Joe/Marcy/Riad) Technical Description of the CEBAF Mott Polarimeter and Detector Chain
media:MottConstruction-TN_v0.pdf media:MottConstruction-TN_v0.docx

Running Punchlist of January 2017 task list

1) (DONE) Insert Riad's updated values for BCM GAIN and OFFSET into MottAnalysis.c
2) (DONE) Re-run the Run I/II analysis and update excel spreadsheet w/ new results
3) (DONE) Use *all* 1um runs to determine final rates w/ corrections if any, and uncertainties media:170111_Mott_Extrapolation.pptx
4) (DONE) Update spreadsheet to include rate corrections media:1.11.17_Run1Run2_ARC.ods media:1.11.17_Run1Run2_ARC.xls
5) (DONE) Distribute updated spreadsheet of thickness, rates, asymmetries 
6) (WORKING) Fit-a-thon begins (Riad=Root, Marcy=Mathematica) applying Pade and Marty functions media:AoExtrapolation23Jan2017.pptx
7) (WORKING) Status of background subtraction method  media:1.23.17_BackgroundSubtractionUpdate.pdf
1) (DONE) Group Run I/II run #'s into macros associated w/ systematic studies
2) (WORKING)Generate corresponding analysis macros and spreadsheets for macros
3) (DONE) Update Run I/II energy TN w/ Riad's final dipole value TN Link
4) (WORKING) Use final energies and 0L03 harp scans to compute emittance at MQJ0L02
5) Use final emittance and 2D00 harp scans to compute energy spread at Mott target
6) Use final emittance and energy spread to compute spot size at Mott target
7) Use final energy to compute beam displacement at Mott target
8) Update spreadsheets w/ associated systematic variation (position, size, energy, spread)