NPS Subsystems

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NPS Layout

  • NPS detector carriage assembly (2021)

NPS Magnet

  • Magnet Power Supply requirements:
  • PSU with current greater than 1,100A for some overhead
  • No need for a polarity switch, either for the run or for testing. Simple enough to mechanically swap the leads if needed for testing
  • Assembly (2018-2019)
  • Construction updates
  • Vertical vs horizontal field
  • Effect of field on PMTs
  • Shielding concept
  • Fringe field considerations (2016)


  • Frame
  • Crystals
  • PMTs and HV dividers
  • High Voltage cables fabrication and testing
  • CAEN HV system testing
  • NPS prototype studies
  • 3x3 prototype report (2019)
  • Initial component studies
  • LED studies - PMT sensitivity (2014)
  • Crystal and PMT serial numbers as currently stacked in the calorimeter: .xlsx, .pdf

DAQ and Trigger

  • Initial equipment count and rate estimates (2017)
  • VTP event format description: [1]


  • Control and monitoring screens development
  • Interlock system

Data Analysis

Monte Carlo


NPS Assembly preparations