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Hypernuclear Project with HRS-HKS at Hall A.
We are also considering an option to perform the experiment at Hall C instead of Hall A.


Physics motivation

  • 3,4ΛH (E12-19-002): ΛN CSB, Hypertriton puzzle
  • 40,48ΛK (E12-15-008): ΛNN interaction, Isospin dependent interaction
  • 208ΛTl (E12-20-013): ΛNN interaction

Experimental equipment

HRS-HKS at Hall A
The experiment is originally planned to be carried out with high resolution spectrometers HRS and HKS
in JLab Hall A for high precision hypernuclear measurement.
Electron beams at 4.24 GeV will be impinged on various targets (3, 4He, 40, 48Ca, 208Pb),
and scattered electrons and K+s from the (e,e'K+) reaction
will be detected by the spectrometers for missing mass spectroscopy of hypernuclei.

HES-HKS at Hall C
There is an option of the usage of HES and HKS at Hall C for the experiment.
However, an optics analysis for the gas target needs at least
one vertical spectrometer by which the production vertex along
the beam direction can be reconstructed with the reasonable resolution.
The spectrometers HES and HKS are both horizontal bending spectrometers,
and need to modify at least one of them to the vertical bending one.








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