Magnetized Electron Gun for JLEIC Cooler

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This project aims to generate magnetized electron beams from a DC high voltage photogun. Simulations and corresponding measurements of beam magnetization as a function of laser pulse dimension and magnetic field strength at the photocathode are planned. Round-to-flat beam transformation will be performed using three skew quadrupoles and the transverse emittance ratios will be measured. Photocathode lifetime at milli-ampere currents will be compared to beam lifetimes with no magnetization, to study the effect of the solenoid field on photocathode ion-back bombardment. Afterwards, a follow-up proposal can be submitted to evaluate the merits of magnetized beam generation using a DC high voltage thermionic gun, with rf-pulsed gridded thermionic emitter. Combined, these simulations and measurements will benchmark our design tools and provide insights on ways to optimize the MEIC electron cooler, and help us choose the appropriate electron source and injector layout.

  • JLEIC Collaboration Meeting Fall 2017 [1]
  • JLEIC Collaboration Meeting Spring 2017 [2]
  • Workshop on Electron Cooling and Stochastic Cooling – COOL2016 ([3]
  • JLEIC Collaboration Meeting Fall 2016 [4]
  • JLEIC Collaboration Meeting Spring 2016 [5]
  • MEIC Collaboration Meeting Fall 2015 [6]
  • COOL15 Workshop at JLab [7]
  • MEIC Collaboration Meeting Spring 2015 [8]

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