UITF Meeting - December 12, 2018

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Uses of UITF

media:summary of the Uses of UITF meeting.docx

Uses of UITF - Agenda and Presentations

  1. Introduction_Poelker media:Uses of UITF introduction_poelker.pptx
  2. Commissioning the QCM at UITF_Kazimi media:commissioning the QCM.pptx
  3. HDIce Commissioning_Andy Sandorfi media:HDIce slides.pdf
  4. Testing Nb3Sn-coated SRF cavities_Grigory Eremeev media:Nb3Sn coated cavities.pptx
  5. Wastewater treatment_Gigi Ciovati media:wastewater treatment.pptx
  6. Bubble Chamber experiments at UITF_Riad Suleiman media:Bubble at UITF.pptx
  7. Polarized Targets for CEBAF_Chris Keith media:DNP_Chris Keith.pptx, media:Chris Keith version2.pdf
  8. Parity Violation Experiments_Roger Carlini
  9. Fast kickers for JLEIC_Haipeng Wang/Bob Rimmer media:Haipeng fast kicker tests.pptx
  10. Test of High Bunch Charge Beam for JLEIC Jiquan media:Possible Uses of UITF for JLEIC e-injection.pptx
  11. Production of High Bunch Charge at UITF Grames media:UITF high bunch charge_Grames and Jiquan version2.pptx
  12. Polarized Positron Source_Grames media:UITF-Positrons_Grames_181212.pptx
  13. Limitations/Improvements CTF_Ed Daly media:UITF and CTF_Ed Daly.pptx
  14. concluding thoughts? media:UITF thoughts_poelker.pptx