NPS and PbWO4 Meeting (JLab, 6/15-6/16 2015)

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Agenda - NPS PbWO4 Discussions

Location: L210 AA - CEBAF Center

  • Summary of tests with 10+5 SIC crystals produced in 2014 (Carlos, Arthur, Rainer)
  • Overview of crystal testing facilities at the universities (Carlos, Marco)
  • Discussion topics (all)
  • Additional tests to be done to fully understand systematic effects and radiation damage effects
  • Discussion of crystal options for NPS
  • Other...

Remote Connection Instructions

Conference ID 7578012727

Audio Dial: 1-888-240-2560 (US or Canada only) (see all numbers) and enter the Conference ID

Browser and Desktop sharing (REMEMBER to turn off microphone and speaker after joining to avoid echoing if you use the phone line for audio)

Meeting system "bluejeans" additional information:

  • Using a computer, through a browser go to You can use the desktop sharing feature, audio if your computer has a microphone and speaker, and video if you have a webcam. To do so go to the conference link above and join as guest
  • Using the phone line option should have better audio quality because it is not limited by network speed.
  • If you use a browser, it is recommended to use firefox on mac,windows and linux. Note that you may have to download and install a plugin the first time you use it. On linux, the plugin is only available for 64bit firefox and it needs to be installed it as administrator/superuser.