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== 2019 ==
== 2019 ==
; CIS Technical Note, "Measuring Extractor Gauge x-ray limit", JLAB-TN-19-040  
; CIS Technical Note, "Measuring Extractor Gauge x-ray limit", JLAB-TN-19-040  
:[[media:JLAB-TN-19-040.docx]] [[media:JLAB-TN-19-040.docx]] (December 2, 2019) - Original note
:[[media:JLAB-TN-19-040.docx]] [[media:JLAB-TN-19-040.pdf]] (December 2, 2019) - Original note
== 2018 ==
== 2018 ==

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Useful Links

CIS TN Word cover page media:CIS-TN-CoverPage.docx
Link to Jefferson Lab Publications area


CIS Technical Note, "Measuring Extractor Gauge x-ray limit", JLAB-TN-19-040
media:JLAB-TN-19-040.docx media:JLAB-TN-19-040.pdf (December 2, 2019) - Original note


CIS Technical Note, "Photocathode mounting on molybdenum puck body", CIS-TN-18-02
media:CIS-TN-18-02.docx media:CIS-TN-18-02.pdf (February 27, 2018) - Original note
CIS Technical Note, "Fabrication of molybdenum puck body", CIS-TN-18-01
media:CIS-TN-18-01_revA.docx media:CIS-TN-18-01_revA.pdf (March 1, 2018) - Added step 1d and corrected typo
media:CIS-TN-18-01.docx media:CIS-TN-18-01.pdf (February 27, 2018) - Original note


M.L.Stutzman, D.Moser and T.J.Gay, "Extrapolation of Asymmetry Data to Determine Ao ", JLAB-TN-17-010
media:JLab-TN-17-010.docx media:JLab-TN-17-010.pdf
J. Grames and B. Freeman, "Beam Systematics for Mott Experiment Runs I and II", JLab-TN-17-007
media:JLAB-TN-17-007.docx media:JLAB-TN-17-007.pdf
J. Grames, "Mott Experiment Run I/II Beam Energies" JLAB-TN-17-001 (Jan 17, 2017)
JLab Document Server media:JLAB-TN-17-001.docx media:JLAB-TN-17-001.pdf
J. Grames, D. Machie, M. Stutzman, R. Suleiman, "Physical Description of the CEBAF Mott Polarimeter and Detector Chain", JLab-TN-17-xxx


M. L. Stutzman and Md. A. Mamun "Mott Target Ladder Gold Foil Thickness Measurements" JLab-TN-16-049


J. Grames, "Fall 2014 Mott Target Replacement and Ladder Position Re-Calibration", JLAB-TN-14-026 (September 17, 2014)
J. Grames, "Using Spin Precession to Infer the Strength of Solenoid MFL0I07", JLAB-TN-14-017 (July 15, 2014)
Media:JLAB-TN-14-017.PDF Media:140819_BTeam_MFL0I07.pptx
C. Tennant, J. Grames, R. Suleiman, D. Turner, "Transverse Beam Characterization in the CEBAF 5 MeV Region", JLAB-TN-14-004 (March 20, 2014
Media:JLAB-TN-14-004.pdf Media:JLAB-TN-14-004.docx


M. Stutzman, "MicroMott Polarimeter", JLAB-TN-09-062


J. Grames, "In Situ Measurement of the FA Solenoid Coil using Spin Precession", JLAB-TN-08-084 (December 3, 2008)


J. Grames, "Study of the Vertical Component of the Beam Polarization for the 2004 HAPPEX-2 Run",JLAB-TN-05-028 (February 14, 2005)