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Bubble Chamber Run - May 2018

Bubble Chamber Reviews at JLab

  • Bubble Chamber TOSP Review (August 18, 2015):
  1. Charge to the Committee: Bubble Chamber Safety Review (P. Rossi): media:Bubble-Chamber_Review_Charge.pdf media:Bubble-Chamber_Review_Charge.ppt
  2. Presentations:
    1. Experimental Overview (R. Suleiman): media:Bubble_Chamber_TOSP_Overview_Aug2015.pdf media:Bubble_Chamber_TOSP_Overview_Aug2015.pptx
    2. Bubble Chamber Superheated Detector System (D. Meekins): media:Bubble_Chamber_Safety_Meekins.pdf media:Bubble_Chamber_Safety_Meekins.pptx
  3. Temporary Operational Safety Procedure (TOSP):
    1. TOSP Form: media:TOSP_Test_of_ANL_Bubble_Chamber_Detector.pdf media:TOSP_Test_of_ANL_Bubble_Chamber_Detector.docx
    2. TOPS Procedural Document: media:TOSP_Procedural_Document_Bubble_Chamber.pdf media:TOSP_Procedural_Document_Bubble_Chamber.docx
  4. Report from the Review Committee: media:Bubble_Chamber_Experiment_Readiness_Review.pdf
  5. Final Operational Safety Documents Submitted for Signatures (#52757):
    1. media:Procedure-TOSP-Aug.pdf
    2. media:THA-ANL_bubble_chamber.pdf
    3. media:TGT-PROC-15-001.pdf
    4. media:TGT-CALC-502-002.pdf
    5. media:TGT502-1000-0000-PID.pdf
    6. media:Rev-resp.pdf
  6. Approved TOSP (with signatures and all other documents): media:operational_safety_procedure_form_52757.pdf
  7. Introduction to Bubble Chamber: Ops Training (September 9, 2015): media:Bubble_Chamber_OpsTrain_Sept2015.pdf media:Bubble_Chamber_OpsTrain_Sept2015.pptx Video: [1]
  8. Industrial Hygiene report for sampling conducted on September 9, 2015 while the bubble chamber was filled with nitrous oxide in the Injector Tunnel: media:Bubble_Bhamber_AirSAmplingResults.pdf
  9. Industrial Hygiene report for sampling conducted on September 16, 2015 while nitrous oxide was vented from bubble chamber in the Injector Tunnel: media:Bubble_chamber_AirSAmplingResults_venting.pdf

Bubble Chamber Reviews at ANL

  • ANL Bubble Chamber Superheated Active Target System

B. DiGiovine, Argonne National Lab (2015) media:Bubble_Chamber_ANL_Safety_Review-R2.pdf media:Bubble_Chamber_ANL_Safety_Review-R2.ppt

  • Bubble Chamber: Safety and Systems Overview

B. DiGiovine, Argonne National Lab (2012) media:H2O_Bubble_Chamber-Safety_Review.pdf

Bubble Chamber Dimensions

Installation Schedule

Injector Drawings

Survey Transmittals