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== Experiment Readiness ==
== Experiment Readiness ==
* Link to UITF logbook => https://logbooks.jlab.org/book/uitflog
* [[UITF  Compton Transmission Polarimeter Data Acquisition System]]
* [[UITF  Compton Transmission Polarimeter Data Acquisition System]]
* Version 5 of the run plan [[media:COMTRA-RunPlan-v5.xlsx]]
* Version 5 of the run plan [[media:COMTRA-RunPlan-v5.xlsx]]

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This R&D project is a collaboration between Brookheaven National Lab and Jefferson Lab to develop a Compton Transmission Polarimeter to be used with BNL Polarized SRF Gun.

Experiment Readiness

Compton Transmission Polarimeter Meetings

Project Documents


  • R Barday et al 2011 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 298 012022, Compton transmission polarimeter for a very precise polarization measurement within a wide range of electron currents media:Barday_2011.pdf
  • H. Hoogduin, Electron, Positron and Photon Polarimetry, PhD Thesis 1997 media:Hoogduin1997.pdf (see chapter 2 and section on Geant)
  • A. Adeyemi and E. Voutier, The Calibration of the PEPPo polarimeter for electrons and positrons, IPAC 2013 media:Adeyemi-IPAC2013-Proc.pdf
  • E. Fanchini, The PEPPo e- & e+ polarization measurements, POSIPOL 2012 media:Fanchini_Posipol.pdf
  • Townsend Zwart, Electron Polarimetry at MIT Bates (2000): [1]

BNL SRF Gun Beamline and Low Power Beam Dump

  • From: Jean Clifford Brutus. In Dropbox [2]:
   Step file of the diagnostics beamline only (0021m0004) including a dwg drawing.
   Step file of the entire CeC beamline (0021m0003) including a dwg drawing.
   Pictures of the area.