Gun Test Stand Meeting Minutes and To-Do Lists

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To-Do Lists

GTS Improvement List - Summer / Fall 2016 Plans to improve on GTS when installing magnetized beam cathode magnet

Gun Test Stand Meetings


GTS meeting 5_02_17 Meeting in LERF Break Room - Attempting to deliver 1 mA - Cornell paper on ion clearing electrodes and GTSLOG links
GTS meeting 4_25_17 Meeting in LERF Break Room - Upgraded the laser system. Latest Drawings and 3D Views
GTS meeting 4_18_17 Meeting in LERF Break Room - Running beam to the dump
GTS meeting 4_11_17 Meeting in LERF Break Room - Finished bake of second part of beamline
GTS meeting 4_04_17 No Meeting - Open to finish second part of beamline - Summary of tasks for the down
GTS meeting 3_28_17 Meeting in LERF Break Room - Attempting to center gun solenoid - Emittance vs Gun HV
GTS meeting 3_21_17 Meeting in LERF Break Room - Attempting to center gun solenoid
GTS meeting 3_14_17 Meeting in GTS Control Room - Delivering magnetized beam. DO NOT TURN MAGNET ON WHILE GUN AT HV
GTS meeting 3_07_17 Meeting in GTS Control Room - GTS beam in ON
GTS meeting 2_28_17 Remaining Tasks - Very close to run beam
GTS meeting 2_21_17 Beamline and Prep Chamber successfully baked
GTS meeting 2_14_17 HV and Magnet conditioning seems to be OK for beam. Updates on cathode prep chamber and beam line. POISSON simulations comparing the T-electrode to the spherical electrode inside CEBAF style gun vacuum chamber
GTS meeting 2_07_17 HV and Magnet conditioning. Updates on cathode prep chamber and beam line
GTS meeting 1_17_17 Gun with Magnetized beam coil turned ON!!! Updates on cathode prep chamber and beam line
GTS meeting 1_3_17 Emittance measurement techniques


GTS meeting 12_20_16 Gun conditioned to 350kV in vacuum, up to 365kV w/Kr, new scheme for puck grabbing in prep chamber, etc.
GTS meeting 12_06_16 High voltage conditioning with barrel polished electrodes, beam line, cathode solenoid magnet, etc...
GTS meeting 11_15_16 Laser power, gun bake update, beam line update
GTS meeting 11_08_16 Beamline update
GTS meeting 10_31_16 Gun HV chamber under vacuum, Improved Cathode prep chamber with Mamun's puck holder design is under vacuum!
GTS meeting 10_24_16 Gun HV chamber assembled, Cathode prep updates, beam line, P3 Workshop
GTS meeting 10_11_16 Updates: SS ball electrode assembly, gun chamber, prep chamber, beam line
GTS meeting 10_04_16 Updates on gun chamber, cathode prep and beam line.
GTS meeting 9_14_16 Shutdown work progress and discussion about photocathode 'arcing' during 1 mA beam runs, including Carlos' ERL'09 talk with FEL gun high current run observations.
GTS meeting 9_13_16 Shutdown work progress and really cool pictures of the removed multi-alkali photocathodes.
GTS meeting 8_30_16 Shutdown started!
GTS meeting 8_23_16 The way forward plan
GTS meeting 8_9_16 Discuss the new magnetized beamline
GTS meeting 7_25_16 Update since our last meeting, 1 mA for >6 hours!..battered cathode holds QE!!..QE scanner operational!!!...FE induced by hand-held magnet!!!!
GTS meeting 7_05_16 Better stability at 1 mA and 300kV with biased anode. Summary, what have we learned so far?
GTS meeting 6_27_16 100uA 300keV beam for 5 hr, but 1 mA attempts difficult. Summary of multi-alkali LN-cooled cathode work.
GTS meeting 6_20_16 Demonstrated 1 mA Beam at 275 keV!!!!
GTS meeting 6_14_16 Progress!!! Full control of laser power & first CsKSb cathode in TL1137 for the summer!
GTS meeting 5_31_16 1.6 uA 300keV DC beam on the dump!
GTS meeting 5_24_16 Struggling to keep the beam On. Some progress in diagnostics.
GTS meeting 5_17_16 The BEAM in ON!!!
GTS meeting 5_3_16 Getting ready for beam update, New puck drawings
GTS meeting 4_26_16 First multi-alkali photocathode in the GTS!
GTS meeting 4_12_16 Beamline, HV, Depo chamber, Barrel polishing surface characterization, and SCHEDULE
GTS meeting 4_5_16 Updates, and some HV.
GTS meeting 3_22_16 Updates.
GTS meeting 3_15_16 Beamline bake is done, and gun+per chamber bake is cooling down.
GTS meeting 3_8_16 Update on beamline instrumentation and bake
GTS meeting 3_2_16 Coil Procurement
GTS meeting 3_1_16 Gun magnet drawings and update on barrel polishing (Sheds) and cathode prep chamber.
GTS meeting 2_22_16 3D EM modeling of the GTS gun chamber with R30 insulator and electrode, update on prep chamber
GTS meeting 2_19_16 Discuss design tasks for Magnetized Beam LDRD
GTS meeting 2_16_16 Beamline magnets and diagnostics itemized list and LDRD gun magnet update
GTS meeting 2_9_16 Beamline and LDRD gun magnet updates
GTS meeting 2_2_16 LDRD gun magnet discussion & Shed for R30 black insulators
GTS Beamline 2_1_16 Beam line side view gun to dump with pics
GTS photos 1_29_16 Assembly of beam line and gun for LDRD
GTS meeting 1_26_16 Shed design and Beamline update
GTS meeting 1_19_16 Update: Yan's modeling with NEGs, Beamline update
GTS meeting 1_15_16 Meeting with Vashek Vylet about radiation shielding
GTS meeting 1_12_16 Update: Yan's optimized R30-shed, multi-alkali chamber work, GTS schedule drafting
GTS meeting 1_5_16 LDRD gun magnet design


GTS meeting 12_15_15 optimized shed for today's gun plan Y
GTS meeting 12_8_15 status and to-do list
GTS meeting 12_1_15 status and to-do list
GTS meeting 11_13_15 present status of Plan Z (using the large FEL black insulators)
GTS meeting 11_10_15 SYSTEM R30 white + Shed & full electrode ready for High Voltage!!!.
GTS meeting 11_03_15 SYSTEM IS UNDER VACUUM!!!.
GTS meeting 10_27_15 Sheep chamber saga, electrode assembly update.
GTS meeting 10_20_15 Update on sheep chamber vacuum setup, electrodes and RadCon.
GTS meeting 10_06_15 Update on sheep chamber vacuum setup and electrode polishing.
GTS meeting 9_25_15 Update from Yan on fields from John's Shed, update on sheep chamber vacuum setup and electrode polishing.
GTS meeting 9_15_15 Met at the GTS with Danny and Josh, Sheep chamber attached to gun valve.
GTS meeting 9_8_15 350 kV vs 500 kV guns, Yan poisson field maps
GTS meeting 9_1_15 More discussion, optimized sheds and plan y and z
GTS meeting 8_25-15 More discussion re: shed optimization for gun Plan Z
GTS meeting 8_18_15 Global GTS talking points, the big picture, VA beamline etc., to do list
GTS meeting 8_11_15 More poisson results, discuss revisiting the white R30 insulator + shed test
GTS meeting 8_4_15 Yan's poisson results, Danny's latest drawing, electrode inventory, insulator inventory
GTS meeting 7_14_15 discuss gun Plan Z
GTS meeting 7_7_15 kick off and to-do list, review Carlos' HV results